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I had no idea that the Farrell’s program would save my life – not once, but twice! In January 2010 I joined the Farrell’s 10 week challenge to support and help hold a co-worker accountable. I was also getting married in October, so I wanted to shed a few pounds and shape the arms that would appear with the strapless dress that I would be wearing. In my 10 week challenge I learned that I had an 8 lb. 14 cm tumor in my abdomen that was determined to be cancer. My coach encouraged extras after class and I was focused on gaining solid abs, so I found this fast growing tumor in its early stages. My doctors were impressed by my quick recovery and attributed my core strength to Farrell’s, and I was able to return to Farrell’s after just 6 weeks.
6 months later I learned that I would require double major back surgery due to a misplaced epidural during the birth of my third child. I had two missing vertebrae and two vertebrae were eggshells due to the spinal fluid leak. After a year of recovery, and the doctor’s uncertainty of whether I would be able to walk again – I returned to Farrell’s with Faith that could move a mountain and a deep desire to have my health and well-being rekindled.
3 years later, my husband and I purchased the Ames Farrell’s franchise. It is my goal to share my fitness journey with as many people as possible. If I can do this – YOU can too! Results are guaranteed. You will gain strength. Your clothes will fit different. You will gain friendships that turn into family. You will find a happiness in giving your Level 10. You will find that YOU can and YOU will.
I thank God for the Farrell’s program and I’m grateful that you have found us. We want to help you reach your goals. Magic happens outside your comfort zone here, and we hope that you stick around to experience the Ames Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping transformation program. We are glad that you are here!
Farrell’s has been the only form of exercise that ever helped me lose weight and maintain my fitness. Before doing either of these I was as heavy as 265 pounds! Today I have been maintaining a weight of 200 pounds, and feel the most in shape since high school!  Farrell’s gives you everything that other forms of personal exercise lack. You build relationships with the people you work out with every day, and they help hold you accountable to come every day. You build muscles with resistance band training, and maintain fitness and healthy weight with kickboxing. Plus kickboxing is FUN!!
I decided to try Farrell's because I was stuck in a rut at the gym. I didn't feel like my body was changing and it was easy to slack off if I wasn't in the mood that day. At Farrell's, I found that I got an incredible workout in only 45 minutes! It was challenging, well balanced between cardio and strength training, and I felt supported and encouraged the entire time! Farrell's also has a nutritional program that is easy to live and really helps you "melt" while you gain strength and energy. I lost 12 inches and 3% body fat in my first 10 weeks and continued to make progress the entire first year. I loved the program so much I have been an Farrell's for 8 years! I love my exercise family, the strength and confidence I have gained, and the improvements I have seen in my health and energy. Come give it a try!
Reason for starting FXB: To get in shape for an Archery Elk Hunt. I had already lost 20 pounds before I started Farrell’s. I had stalled out in making progress on my own and needed something more. I knew climbing the mountains in Idaho was going to be miserable if I didn’t get into better shape.
Changes You Have Seen: I have lost over 45 pounds and have gone from 26% body fat to 17% body fat. I’ve increased my strength, endurance, and have tripled my push-ups in 60 seconds. More importantly, the health benefits from following the Farrell’s program allowed me to stop using high blood pressure medication (and lowered my health insurance premiums too!)
I have been an athlete all my life and been on a teams most of my life. When my days of playing basketball were over I wanted to find that same concept of hard work, team work and accountability. So I searched out many things until I came across Farrell's. In my 10 weeks I had amazing results, and I saw improvement in all the areas of the program they put before me. I took off 2 minutes on my mile. I increased 30 more push-ups and 20 more sit-ups. My flexibility went from 17 to 20 inches. But the last two things were the most important. First my mindset towards food changed for the better.  I no longer was an emotional eater. I learned to think of food as an energy source and boosting my metabolism, which is one of the many benefits this program provides. The last thing was most important for me, which was the friendships which made a lasting impression with me. (I kind of felt like Norm from Cheers, always glad you came and know when you were gone) Your classmates always encourage you and challenge you to give your best. This is why I have been around this wonderful organization for 6 years and counting.
I started my Farrell's journey after I had my last baby 3 years ago. I had always told myself that I'd do something like Farrell's when the kids were older and in school "when I had more time!" One day it occurred to me that I just needed to do it, I needed to make some time for myself. I fell in love with the program and people right away. During my 10 weeks I lost 10 1/2 inches, but more importantly I learned how to eat healthy and made a great group of friends. To me Farrell's is a place I get to see my friends everyday, push people to reach their goals and it's a great stress reliever for a busy mom!
Seven years ago, I knew that I needed to make some significant changes in my health. With a history of heart disease in my family, I knew that I needed to achieve and maintain a higher level of physical fitness. With that in mind, I joined Farrell's and committed to follow the plan exactly. It paid off as I lost 20 pounds in my first 10 weeks! I enjoyed the experience so much that I joined FIT and lost 10 more pounds in the following 10 weeks. As an instructor, I really enjoy the process of seeing people begin the journey towards and achieve their fitness goals.
My journey to better health started when I found myself weighing a whopping 360 lbs. I knew that I needed to start changing my life before this lead to major health problems. I started off by getting a gym membership and working out on my own. While I was successful for a time, I constantly found myself getting stuck in weight loss plateaus. This led to a big issue with motivation and long breaks between workouts. This continued for a couple years before I decided that I needed to change things up. Farrell's provided the change I needed. Through this program I have greatly increased my overall health, gained many great friends, and lost over 100 lbs.

The workouts are great and the coaches/instructors do a wonderful job, but the best part about Farrell’s is the community. Everyone is there to help you reach your level 10. Whether it is through extra motivation on the bags, advice, or just being part of your support group. This program has been life changing for me.

I grew up participating in every sport that was offered. I was very active and athletic and never had a problem maintaining a healthy weight. The older I got, the harder it was. I’m still active in sports, but slow pitch softball and golf are nothing like the workouts I was getting in high school and college. I was a member of a local gym for several years, participating in boot camp and a weight loss wars competition. But the habits the trainers were encouraging weren’t healthy and were not something I could maintain long term, and the environment was not one that I was comfortable in. That’s when I started my search for something else and found a black Friday ad for Farrell’s. I started my 10 week session in January 2014. I loved the workouts, environment and people so much that I continued on as a FIT member. The kickboxing and strength training are a great balance and I look forward to the challenging workouts every day. I took a big step out of my comfort zone in November 2015 and became an instructor. Since becoming an instructor, I’ve gained confidence I thought was lost, and even more motivation to get and stay healthy and fit. My fitness and nutrition journey is ongoing and something I’m working at on a daily basis. I love that the friends I’ve made at Farrell’s, along with my fellow instructors, keep me accountable and push me to my level 10 every day!
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